The financial anti-corruption fist clenched more tightly

2017-07-24 13:17:28 admin 12

in the national financial work conference held on the day before, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that to implement comprehensive strictly requirements, build the financial system leadership, strengthening of key positions, key personnel especially the number one supervision. We must do a good job of Party building in enterprises, strengthen the education of ideals and beliefs, strengthen party spirit education, strengthen discipline education, and strengthen the building of a clean and Honest Party conduct.

finance is the core of the modern economy and the lifeblood of the real economy. With the rapid development of domestic and international financial industry, a large number of funds, cross industry, cross market, cross-border flow, the financial impact on the economy of a country and even the world economy has been greatly improved. The emergence of a large number of financial instruments and financial derivatives has further increased the complexity of financial problems, and the task of preventing financial risks is more onerous than ever. Although the causes of financial risks are complex, strengthening the building of a clean government in the field of Finance and increasing anti-corruption efforts are undoubtedly the key to preventing and controlling financial risks and safeguarding financial safety.


as money and power, the depth of entangled interests and resources are relatively concentrated in the Highlands, corruption cases "financial sector gold high, large amount of money involved. This kind of corruption also has strong concealment and complexity, not only difficult to combat, but the market can not effectively play the role of the allocation of financial resources, become a part of the capital predators or tools for capital off the virtual reality waves. The

financial system is public and social, and the risks triggered by financial corruption are highly contagious. Once it breaks out, it may cause serious impacts on the real economy and even cause serious social problems. Only the overall grasp of financial risk prevention and anti-corruption work, clear the financial corruption "cancer", and resolutely combat the abuse of power, continue to purify the market environment, the market operation mechanism to eliminate the obstacles, to lay the foundation for sustained and healthy economic development.

deployment of the CPC Central Committee and show efforts to promote comprehensive strictly to depth development, continue to further promote financial reform, system continues to tie the fence, and speed up the formation of "firm determination not rot, not rot, do not want to rot mechanism" system.

only the anti-corruption fist clenched tightly, continue to maintain a high pressure situation, adhere to anti-corruption no restricted area, no dead angle, the intensity diminished, the scale is not loose, and strive to build a financial anti-corruption system to solve the problem, in order to ensure the financial security of the state.